Children’s Rooms & Nurseries

This lovely Nursery Suite was designed for one very lovely lady and her adorable sons. The couple has a fabulous art collection and they didn’t want the nursery to feel like it was left out. The theme of this Nursery started with the selection of an original Babar print, procured from a French Art dealer off 1st Dibs. This print influenced the accent colors of the otherwise Black and White Nursery.

From research, we know that babies first develop the ability to see black and white contrast best, so to make the experience in their own room most interesting we decided that the majority of the finishes would be bold and easy to see for this little one. From there we designed a custom bookcase and whirly gig mobile to float above the crib. Then vintage and iconic table and chairs were selected for the children’s play table. We also wanted the mom and baby to be comfortable so we included a chaise/ daybed for those long nights and a very comfy glider for rocking little mister back to sleep.

Down the hall, older brother got a new room as well. With bunkbeds and bright colors this little one has room to play, dream, create and be inspired. His coffee table is a custom creation from House of Amelia with sturdy powder coated bright orange feet and a solid surface top, perfect for it’s strength and durability. His accent color is orange and again we used bright pops of bold color and strong graphic artwork from noted local and national artists. All together this was a really satisfying project with beautiful results and a very happy client.

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